Bush Or No Bush?

Dear Men of LA:

I suppose I should be asking girls this question, but since I think guys see a lot more pussy than girls do I’m asking you.  What’s the deal with the 70’s bush coming back into style?  I mean seriously!!  A couple of weeks ago my best friend and I were at a Korean spa and it was bush land everywhere.  Asians girls, white girls, black girls all had a huge bush.  In fact, my friend and I were the only ones that were shaved.  Are all the 70’s styles coming back in?  Hairy legs, hairy armpits, and hairy pussies or is it just hairy pussies?  Also, is this a fleeting thing or is it hear to stay, because let me tell you if a girl decides to grow out a bush and then has to shave it all off, it will not be a good thing.  That shit itches like a mother when you start letting hair grow down there and then you have to shave it off.  So which is it, bush or no bush?