Just a single girl trying to date in Los Angeles.

Single Girl:   I’m a single girl trying to date in LA and running into to all kinds of crazy men and situations.  Here’s hoping my little bits of wisdom will help all the guys out there who need dating advice.  If not, at least I hope it will make you laugh!

Wry:  Having gained experience in multiple forms of non-monogamous relationship over the past 13 years, Wry advocates awareness and dialogue regarding the options and alternatives to the hetero-normative marriage-minded, and traditional way of life. Over the past 3 years, Wry has hosted quarterly discussion groups and given lectures at the International Polyamory Conference at Berkeley, Stockroom, Pleasure Chest, DomCon, Wiznu Labs, Syrup Loft, and Emerald Terrace, including live interviews with guests, experts, and researchers. Watch video clips here:


He has appeared on Playboy-Vivid Radio hosted by Mika Tan, SWING with Siri, and Night Calls with Christy Canyon and Nikki Hunter. As an active participant and Dom in the fetish community, Wry is an exhibitionist and performer that has been on dozens of stages throughout Los Angeles. Wry hosts the BigFuckinParty.com annualy in June.

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