Skin Color Doesn’t Mean A Thing

Dear Men of LA:

I usually write about funny observations about dating in LA.  Well, this is a serious observation I made while I was out and about last night.   Last night I was the minority. I was the only white person in the whole place. My friend wanted to go to this place that had awesome Mexican food. He said, “you’re gonna be exotic”. Huh?  Since when was I exotic?  I’m just a short, blonde, white girl.  My friend said, “you’ll see”.  They are gonna love you.”  We walked in and you could hear a pin drop.  Everyone stared at me.  I was the only white person there. In the end, it didn’t matter.  I had some amazing food and great company! Everyone was so nice and welcoming! My friend’s family is from Honduras so he fit right in. But I fit right in too despite being white. Because it’s not about skin color. It’s about what’s inside of a person. That’s what defines a person.  A couple of days ago a friend pointed out to me you have no control over what skin color you are born into.  That’s so true.  You do have control over how you treat others and who you are as a person.

Are You Fucking In Your Mind?

Dear Men of LA:

I was at my bar the other day and I heard someone scream, “are you fucking in your mind?”   It was the bartender whose English is not that great and she meant to say, “are you fucking out of your mind?”  I laughed so hard I almost peed!  It made me think of all the stupid shit I”ve heard in the last couple of weeks.

I’m looking for a girlfriend.  I’m lonely and I don’t have anyone.  Oh but I should tell you that I’m screwing this girl at work.   Are you fucking in your mind?

Do you think it’s ok to want to have sex with you but not want to see you naked?  Are you fucking in your mind?

I have thirteen cats.  Do you think that makes me needy?  Are you fucking in your mind?

A guy goes running down the street screaming, “I want to rape a girl tonight!  Do I have any takers?”  Are you fucking in your mind?  (Actually that happened a few months a go and I wanted to say, “I want to kick the shit out of a guy.  Do you want to volunteer?”

Do you have any coke or can you buy me a drink?  I’m a social worker and I’m in AA.   Are you fucking in your mind?    Seriously?  This chick told my friend that down at the bar.

I sent this chick a dick pic.  She didn’t respond back.  That must mean she likes it right?  I think I’ll send her ten more!  Are you fucking in your mind?

I know you just told me you don’t want to see me anymore but do you still want to have sex?  Are you fucking in your mind?