Guys Always Want What They Can’t Have

Dear Men of LA:

Here is something I will never understand.  Why is it when a girl starts dating someone men come flooding out of the woodwork and are all over her like white on rice, but when she’s single, they act like she’s invisible.  Did the girl suddenly grow a third boob?  Did she transform into a triple x porn star?  Where were all you guys when she was sitting alone at night with her cat, Mrs Tittlywinks watching Sex In The City and double fisting Oreos and Nutter Butters? I guess the saying is true, guys always want what they can’t have.  I guarantee you that if the girl became single tomorrow, her third boob and porn star status would disappear and she’d go right back to being invisible.

16 thoughts on “Guys Always Want What They Can’t Have

      • Pretty much all my adult life I have been with these type of girls, so nothing new.
        I’ ll turn the tables on you, you do talk a lot about men in LA, what about the women, bunch of saints I guess since it is the city of LOS ANGELES,city of angels, that’s if you translate it in Spanish, my guess is that you are one of those saints

      • First off, I’m not a big fan of the girls in LA. They are mean, sneaky, catty, and will steal your boyfriend in a hot minute. 95 percent of my friends are dudes. Second, I am a nice girl. Way too nice for my own good. My friends call me a saint. ha ha

      • easy, just leave him and come to Spain with an ex-legionnaire and a whisky on the beach, no worries, you´ll have the best time of your life.
        By the way, I had two girlfriends in my life, the first one was 4 years when I was in the army, and when I was deployed she dumped me, got her card, we had no email or internet, the girl dumped me since for her I was not there for her, go figure that one out.
        The second was 7 years, and this one was a piece…of….sh…t.
        So if you had read me I hope that when we get together, fuck that idiot of the boyfriend, then together lets have fun
        hopefully you are not a nun.
        love ya

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