You Know What’s Worse Than Cum In Her Eye?

Dear Men of LA:

You know what’s worse than cum in a girl’s eye?  A condom stuck in her pussy!  You don’t know what pain in the ass it is when that shit gets stuck way up in there.  It’s almost impossible to get out and then the girl has to go to her doctor and get it taken out.  Do you know how they take it out?  They take a long handled pair of tweezers, go in her pussy, and drag it out.  How would you like it if a doctor took a pair of tweezers and pulled something out of your dick?  Yeah, that would suck!  So here’s a few things you can do to ensure that your condom will stay nice and tight on that dick.

1  Use the right size condom.   If you have a small dick use a regular sized condom.  Using a magnum sized condom is not going to make your dick any bigger.  It’s only going to fall off.

2  Don’t put a condom on half ass.  Make sure it’s on there correctly.  Don’t worry, her pussy is not going anywhere.

3  Don’t fuck her so hard that the condom comes off and gets jammed up way in there.  Your dick is not a jackhammer.  Her pussy is not a piece of concrete.  The point of sex is for it to feel good, not beat the shit out of her.