Older Man, Younger Girl: There’s Nothing To Talk About

Thanks for the inspiration last night J.

Dear Men of LA:

Don’t bitch and moan about having nothing to talk about to the girl you are dating if she’s like 20.  First off she’s a girl, not a woman.  What does she have to talk about?  Her newest Hello Kitty accessory?   Lollipops?  The newest Taylor Swift song?  Seriously!!  She may look hot in bed and is wrinkle free, but can you really have a good time with her?  Can you talk to her on an adult level about art, politics, and everything else in the world?  So what if she looks great in bed.  Does she even know what she’s doing or is she just lying there?  I did not know jack when I was 20, but I guarantee you I know a lot more now.  I’m also a lot more comfortable in my own skin and definitely more confident.  Remember this:  looks are not permanent.  What if your hot 20-year-old girlfriend is in a car accident the next day and all of her looks are gone?  What are you going to do then?  Play Candyland with her?  Talk about the newest Kendall and Kylie clothing line?  Go find another 20-year-old?  Or are you  going to go find a real woman who is around your age and you can have a real relationship with?  Remember this:  looks fade, but what’s on the inside of a person never goes away.

One thought on “Older Man, Younger Girl: There’s Nothing To Talk About

  1. Man, tone down the bitterness…. (Just kidding! I love this post!). You crack me up! I can’t imagine hanging out with someone that could be my daughter as my girlfriend. But on the plus side, Hello Kitty is pretty cool.

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