Having Sex With A Passed Out Drunk Girl Is Like Having Sex With A Dead Girl!

Dear Men of LA:

Here’s a clue.  You don’t need to get women drunk to have a good time.  You can have fun with out getting her drunk.  It’s a novel concept I’m sure, but I promise you it’s a sound one.  Why do you want to get her drunk in the first place?  Do you want to see her drool all over herself?  Drool is very sexy!    Do you want to see her falling down and acting stupid?  Do you love to listen to her blabber nonsense about why her asshole boyfriend left her for the umpteenth time or why her kitty Miss Tittywinks is so beautiful?  Oh I know!!!  You think it’s going to be easier to have sex with her drunk than sober.  You think its awesome to  have sex with a passed out girl.  Well let me tell you my friend that’s very close to necrophilia (having sex with a corpse) and if you are going that route it’s no wonder you can’t get laid!!  So let’s try having some fun with a girl without the booze.  There’s tons of activities out there (sex included) that don’t require alcohol.  Unless you really do like fucking dead girls and you have to use a drunk ass girl instead to simulate the experience.

PS  To the dick that said I was more fun drunk than sober and when was I going to start drinking again there’s no way on this planet I’d give you the time of day much less go out with you.

7 thoughts on “Having Sex With A Passed Out Drunk Girl Is Like Having Sex With A Dead Girl!

  1. A friend of mine just told me this which is amazing!! You’ve got it all wrong… Most dudes need to get chicks drunk to make the dude interesting and funny so he’ll het laid. Find a genuinely interesting dude with an interesting life and a mind to match… He won’t need to run game or put up a front… If he’s a man rather than a man-boy then he’ll want both of you to be clear headed so that you can honestly know each other. Good luck kiddo… Dating at our age fucking sucks

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