Taking A Slobber Bath Is Not Sexy

Dear Men of LA:

Taking a slobber bath is not sexy.  Have spit go up your nose while kissing is down right gross.  Looking over at the person you’ve been kissing for the last half hour and seeing drool all over their face is definitely not a turn on.  Finally spitting in a person’s mouth and expecting them to say, “Yum, Yum, ooh your spit tastes good” is about as likely as seeing Charlie Hunnam walking down the street naked.  (Yeah don’t I wish!)  Your spit does not taste minty fresh, it tastes gross.  So next time your are making out with your girl let’s keep the spit to a minimum.  Let’s try to keep it in our mouth where it belongs.  Because I guarantee you the last thing a girl wants is to be washing spit off her face while she’s doing the walk of shame.

6 thoughts on “Taking A Slobber Bath Is Not Sexy

  1. Hilarious! Ahem, slobber baths are also in the south unfortunately. I’ve not had one in many years thank god since I married the love of my life….I so enjoy your blog! The struggle is real for you single chic’s!

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