I Miss My Pubic Hairs Being Ripped Out!!!

My 100th blog!!  Yay!  Let the games begin.

Dear Men of LA:

I know it’s hard to go up to a girl and have something original to say.  You just don’t want to go up to her and say, “hi how are you this evening?”  (Here’s a secret, that’s the best pickup line of all!!)  So if you want a guide to what NOT to say when you meet that special girl look down below.  It might just save you from making a complete jackass out of yourself and you may not be sleeping alone tonight!!

(Note:  I swear I heard everyone one of these last week!)

I miss my pubic hairs being ripped out, please bitch slap me so I can feel the pain.

I will give you lots of ecstasy and not the drug kind.

I need to bite your nose and lick your eye balls.

I would love to show you how a real man makes love.

Let me make you feel like a natural woman.

14 thoughts on “I Miss My Pubic Hairs Being Ripped Out!!!


    Please tell me that guys aren’t actually using these lines in all seriousness? I would be showing them my pimp hand, left, right, and center if you know what I mean. WTF if wrong with them? Their mothers would be mortified.

    • Thanks and I swear it’s all true. There’s this shit hole bar I hang out at and 99 percent of the time I’m the only girl. There was this one guy last week I could not get rid of. He used most of these and was a total pain in my ass. It’s a total shit show crazy ass carnival adventure there and the funnest place on the planet.

      • bwahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahha being a deuchbag is universal, that shit doesn’t discriminate, ive been trying to complete the 3rd installment of this blog..’BJ-Deuch’ and as i type to retell the story, i myself cannot believe the shit im writing LOL……where is this hole in the universe that is mechanically spitting these inbreds out???

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