Dear Men Of LA Is Going To Have Two Writers

Dear Men of LA:

Alrighty kids, the time has come to take Dear Men of LA to the next level. I’m adding a guest writer to my blog and hoping he will be a permanent writer. This guy is an amazing writer and has way more to say on relationships and dating than I do. He probably has more insight too!  His name is Wry!  Over the past 3 years, Wry has hosted quarterly discussion groups and given lectures at the International Polyamory Conference at Berkeley, Stockroom, Pleasure Chest, DomCon, Wiznu Labs, Syrup Loft, and Emerald Terrace, including live interviews with guests, experts, and researchers.   He’s also been on Playboy- Vivid radio so you know he knows what he’s talking about.  Watch video clips here:   I’m so excited!!  So it’s still going to be me writing but with an awesome added perspective from a man!   Look for the first issue next week!

3 thoughts on “Dear Men Of LA Is Going To Have Two Writers

  1. Oh, I only saw this one now! Was kind of wondering “Who the hell is this guy” on the other post, so, issue solved lol. Ah, you have to change the tag line of the blog then.
    PS: WordPress is possessed.

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