The Devil Is Having A BBQ With Your Insides

Most of the stuff I write on here is  supposed to be funny and taken with a grain of salt but since I am up with my insomnia again I wanted to say this:

Dear Men of LA:

What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.  Most guys think of women as these fragile little creatures who can’t handle men’s work.  They aren’t strong enough or tough enough.  Well to all men out there:  you don’t know what tough is until you’ve gone through pre-menopause symptoms.  Yeah I’m one of those lucky (or not so lucky) women that has gotten pre menopause symptoms early in my life.  All of the women on my mom’s side went through it early.  So let me tell you what I have to endure on a daily basis and see if all of you tough guys can survive it:

1.  Insomnia

2.  Shortness of breath that makes you feel like you are being strangled by the Boston Strangler

3.  Followed by a hot flash that makes you feel like the devil is having a bbq with your insides

4.  Nausea

5  And if all of the above is not enough to drive you crazy, extreme depression that makes you act like a psychotic lunatic.  I swear I feel like I’m losing my mind sometimes.

All of the above happens on a daily basis when you’re symptoms rare it’s ugly head.  Men, could you handle all of that?  Hmmmm……   So the next time you think a woman is not strong enough, think again.  She’s just as strong as you are, but in different ways.  How do I get through it?  I just take a deep breath and tell myself to hold on.  I also tell myself God doesn’t give you an impossible load unless he’s going to help you out.

devil bbq

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