Sick As Shit But That’s Ok! A Little Advice To Get You Laid

Dear Men of LA:

I am deathly sick so no men of Dear Men of LA.  I’m talking hacking up my lungs, spitting up blood, fever rotting my insides sick.  So I guess the good men of LA will have to do without my advice for a week.  I hope you can survive.  I will throw this out there.  If you love good music do yourself a favor and buy Other Lives new album Rituals.  It came out today.  This band is so amazing!  You won’t be sorry.  Also, if you play it around your girl she’ll be impressed as shit that you have good taste in music.  That’s bound to win some points for you towards getting laid.  If you are in LA, they are playing two shows, Wednesday and Thursday.  If music isn’t your thing but great booze is (ok, who doesn’t like good booze) get yourself down to Harvard and Stone.  The owners of Ilegal Mezcal are taking over Harvard and Stone and making it into their own Cafe No Se.  This is the greatest bar on the planet and the owner, John Rexer, will be in town to serve up his mezcal and debauchery.  John is probably the most insane, funnest guy on the planet and if you don’t have a good time here something is seriously wrong with you.  Plus this mezcal will surely get you laid.  So get off your ass and go.  See you next week guys.  If I’m not lying on my couch dead from this shit.

2 thoughts on “Sick As Shit But That’s Ok! A Little Advice To Get You Laid

    • Thanks. I’m sure there are crazy men on the east coast too. I have pneumonia so hopefully I won’t cough a lung up or keel over any time soon. Thanks again for the thoughtful note. Hopefully I can entertain you next week!

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