When A Guy Says, “I’m On My Way Over”, What He Really Means…..

Dear Men of LA:

When you say you are on your way over to see your girl that means you are on your way over!  It doesn’t mean I’ll show up four hours later.  Now I know men are on their own time table.  I know when a guys says, “I’m on my way over” he really means, “hey I have to get a snack, finish this porn from last night, and go grocery shopping.”  THEN I”ll start making my way over.   And let’s not forget on my way over means also that I have to stop at the store to get condoms, gas, and some beer.  So next time you say, “I’m on my way over” get your butt in the car and be on your way over.  Don’t keep her waiting or otherwise when you guys are getting ready to have sex she’ll keep you waiting!!I

12 thoughts on “When A Guy Says, “I’m On My Way Over”, What He Really Means…..

  1. Punctuality is important in a relationship!

    However, girls I’ve dated have quickly learned that when I say I’ll meet at a certain time… then add twenty or thirty minutes to that…

      • It happened to me before! This guy (who flaked like twice before) said he would come like 7pm, I was at home so I was like meh whatever but still kinda waiting, so by 7.30pm still nothing I texted him asking are you coming, by around 8.30 he replied saying he just had dinner and felt so tired! Whaat? I texted back saying, I think you should delete my number with a smiley face and then I never replied to him again haha yea you should totally ditch these guys!

  2. The problem with me is I’m too nice. I always give them another chance, but no more. And I’m so pissed because the guy from the other day made it seem like it was my fault for him standing me up and he couldn’t be bothered to say I’m sorry. Fucker!!! Hey I just read your tinder post. That was awesome!! I’m still laughing!!

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