Let’s Both Show Up At The Same Time

Dear Men of LA:

Why is it that if you are going to meet a girl at a bar, she has to show up first and then you have to text them and let them know you are there and THEN they will show up.  What is this some kind of power play?  Let me break it to you, a woman’s time is just as valuable as a man’s.  Are we so lucky to go out with you that we have to wait around with baited breath for you to show up?   Hell No!!  So next time you try this little power play remember this, the girl said yes!!  Hot damn you are one lucky man!  You get to spend time with someone you actually like instead of sitting alone in your apartment watching porn and well……..    We know what you’re doing!!   Don’t go ruining it by acting like an ass.

2 thoughts on “Let’s Both Show Up At The Same Time

  1. Thanks for making me heartily laugh today. Your headlines are great. I think I’m the only dude left on the planet that gets anywhere early. Five minutes early is on time is how I was trained. Makes me feel/look weird these days. Ha.


    • Well then you are awesome!! I love a guy who is on time. Thanks for reading. Pretty much everything that I write on here has had happened to me or someone I know. Dating is hard. Take care. Dear Men of LA

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