If You Want To Pick Up A Woman………..

Dear Men of LA:

If you want to pick up a woman, the most important thing to keep in mind is be yourself.  Women can smell a phony like they can smell a 50% off sale at Macy’s.  They can smell fear a mile a way as well.  One of the things women look most for when meeting a man is confidence.  Be confident.  Act like you have some common sense.  Because let me tell you that is rare in LA!  Be funny without being a jackass.  Try to be charming without acting like you are a player.  You’ve got this.  You are amazing!  And for the love of God don’t ever hire a dating coach, pickup artist, or any other like minded douchebag to help you get a date.  You know that saying about those who can’t do it teach others.  Well that sure as hell applies here.  Look at the video below.  This is an example of what some dumb ass pickup artist is trying to teach his students.  Don’t ever do this!!  If a guy tried this on me, I’d break his arm.  Be yourself and not an ass backwards douche bag like in the video and you’ll have women crawling all over you in no time.

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