If You Need To See Women In Their Underwear……

Dear Men of LA:

If you are really desperate to see women in underwear there is always porn.  There’s always Victoria’s Secret.  Shit you can even see them in a JC Penny’s Catalog.  But for the love of God, don’t put an add like this up on Craigslist.

Do you really think a real photographer much less a woman is going to answer this add?  If so you must be off in never never land.

Female Photographer Needed TODAY (Downtown LA)

Sexy young female photographer needed today at 5pm for 2 hour photo shoot. You will be shooting 3 models in underwear/lingerie/implied nude. You will need to be topless and in your panties (no pictures will be taken of you).  (Really do you need to be in your underwear to photograph?  That’s a new one on me!)

This is a work made for hire shoot. You will be provided a camera and lenses. Take the pics and leave them. No post required. If you’ve been wanting to get into photography, great opportunity as many more opportunities could be coming your way after this one.  (I’m sure there will be.  It’s called pornography  Don’t be shy!)

13 thoughts on “If You Need To See Women In Their Underwear……

    • Ain’t that the truth. I wish it was. I thought the guy’s add was hilarious. I showed it to a friend of mine yesterday and she was “wow, I can’t believe shit guys will do to look at naked girls!!”

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