Why Can’t You Be Like Daryl Dixon From The Walking Dead

Dear Men of LA:

Why can’t you be like Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead?  Take a few lessons from Daryl.  I swear if you do, you will have women crawling all over you!!

1. No matter how many zombies he has crawling all over him, his hair always looks good!  Always make sure your hair looks good!

2.  Daryl knows how to kick ass!  He may have a hundred zombies coming after him, but rest assured they will all be dead in a matter of minutes.  Learn how to kick some ass!

3.  Daryl knows how to be supportive.   He’s always supported Rick and been his backup and gave Beth her first taste of Moonshine.  Now that’s a man!  Always back up your partner and give her strong booze when she needs it.

4.  Daryl knows how to listen.  He always listens to Carole, even if she’s bitching and moaning about everything.  Always listen!  You never know, you may miss something important.

5.  Daryl knows how to be a man in a Zombie Apocalypse.  Women love strong men!

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