Why Don’t You Come Over To My Table and I Can Feed You Some Of My………

Dear Men of LA:

If a woman is having dinner with a man do not go up to her while they are eating and try to pick her up.  Really?  Do you think she’s going to automatically stop eating and drop everything to off into the sunset with you?  Is she going to have you join them and then maybe have some menage trois action going on later?  Let the below be a lesson in what NOT to do:

Man and Woman eating dinner in a restaurant.  He’s having a burger, she’s having calamari.

Strange dude comes up to them:

“Hey beautiful what are you eating tonight?”

“Um Calamari.”

“Wow, that looks good.  Can I set down with you and have some?”

“I don’t think that would be appropriate”

“Better yet why don’t you come over to my table and sit down with me and I can feed you some of my……….”

I swear weird guys follow me everywhere I go.

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