A Medium Told Me I Should Date You!!

Dear Men of LA:
Do not email a girl you have never met before unless it’s through a dating website.  Do you really think a girl is going to write you back?  Only in your own fantasy land maybe.  If you are going to be crazy enough to do it, for the love of God, do not write the following:  (this is from an actual letter I received)
Hello Dear,
How are you doing today? am R**** and i must tell you how delighted i am to send
you this mail. Am a single parent from New Orleans,and i hope you don’t get angry at my  little
note, I have been a widower for the last couple of years, After the death of my
wife some years ago, i decided to move on in search of a partner.And I hope we
can get to know more about each other! A friend of mine found his soulmate
through a medium and encouraged me to give it a try. I went to her and she told me all about
you and she gave me your email address and told me what you look like.  I like us to get
aquainted via the exchange of mails as it takes time for people to compose an
email and say a little about themselves. I know I’m gonna love you. I have a son and a labrador retreiver
as family and will like to know more about.  They are dying to meet you.Attached with this mail are my
pictures for your perusal. I look forward to reading your mail. r******@hotmail.com, God bless and
have a nice day.


6 thoughts on “A Medium Told Me I Should Date You!!

      • Most of us men are “lost souls”, in my opinion. I was lost until I couldn’t get what I want and had to learn. And then, more importantly, women…good women, had the patience to show me my mistakes. I learned to respect and value them as equal. And funny enough, once I learned how to be a real man, I got everything I ever wanted. Women like you are making a difference. Don’t forget it or give up on us. Some of us, do listen and will learn to treat you with respect.

  1. Sounds like a true winner! And the spelling and grammar use in his email surely had won you over, am I not correct? Don’t let this one slip away! Bonus: a dog and a kid too!!! It can’t get much better than that!! Wait!! Maybe he is an ex-con? One can only hope!! Please keep us updated!

      • Seriously. The dog would probably win you over and you could have yourself a new man! How did he get your email address in the first place? I might just start emailing random email addresses and ask them to send me money.

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