Do You Have An American Domestic Animal?

Dear Men of LA:

Do not say the following on a first date:  Show some damn common sense:

1.  Do you have an american domestic animal living in your house?  (Come on, can’t you just say pet?)

2.  I have a dog because I’m an emotionally needy person.  (Really?)

3.  Do you have breathable air in your back yard?  (I guess so, I’m not dead yet)

4.  Did you know that african american men are very virile and love hip hop music.   (Huh?)


Every thing from the above was said to me on a date a couple of weeks ago.  Finally after the last one I had to say, what is wrong with you.  Seriously!!!

One thought on “Do You Have An American Domestic Animal?

  1. Love it – a friend of mine got asked “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?” and “What are your three best qualities?” My friend didn’t know what to do so just panicked and said that she liked dancing, talking to people and drinking wine to which he replied “No I said your three BEST qualities!”

    He followed this up with his top three which included “I’m confident but not arrogant.” Hands down the most arrogant sentence known to man.

    We have since named him The Interviewer and I think he is still single.

    Love the blog

    Sophie x

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